We are delighted to announce three charitable partnerships which have been recently confirmed.

Firstly, we have been selected as the chosen charity for 18 Caffe Nero stores throughout Northern Ireland. The staff at Caffe Nero worked tirelessly to make this happen and we cannot thank them enough. It is hoped that over the next 12 months they will be able to raise a five-figure donation!

Secondly, we were recently confirmed as a chosen crew charity within Lloyd’s Banking Group in Belfast. We have met with the staff several times and they are all motivated to raise as much as possible over the next year. Keep an eye out on our facebook page for an announcement of their signature event.

Last, but certainly not least, NIOLDSKOOL selected to support the DMHF over the next year. An event has already been planned and details can be found in the events section of our website – tickets are already selling fast though!

Together, these partnerships will enable us to buy a lot more defibrillators throughout 2015. We cannot thank everyone involved in choosing our charity enough – it really does mean a lot.