Our Causes

  • If heart screening was to detect an underlying medical condition in an individual, it is important that we have the medical equipment in place to give them the best outcome possible. We have been in contact with leading cardiologists here in Northern Ireland and have set realistic targets on equipment that we intend to donate. [...]

  • “It is unacceptable that 600 apparently fit and healthy young people (aged 35 and under) die suddenly each year from previously undiagnosed heart conditions, when there is evidence to show that screening can save lives.” At the Danny Mills Heart Foundation, we fully support that EVERY young adult should be screened for any underlying heart [...]

  • The main aim of the Danny Mills Heart Foundation is to raise awareness of sudden adult death syndrome (SADS) – specifically in 14-35 year olds. The term SADS is generally used to describe the sudden death of any young person who otherwise appeared fit and healthy and is thought to be responsible for up to [...]